BAFC Mystery Trail

Fancy a different way to get your daily exercise?

Why not do the BAFC Mystery Trail?!

Find the 11 BAFC labelled pots hidden around Brackley using the ‘What 3 words’ app. Collect the name hidden in each pot and work out what links them all.

Send your answers to to win a prize!

All names must be left inside the pots, and all pots left in the exact place that they were found so others can complete the trail too!

Clues for What 3 Words:

  1. nickname mount sprinting
  2. clubbing comet shuffle
  3. puns butchers acids
  4. rally promote replenish
  5. emeralds elect grass
  6. layover elevates reap
  7. replace swooned kindest
  8. tastes encounter silence
  9. snails riches inventors
  10. treaties unloads buzzing
  11. deputy reputable brightly
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