Join the Club! – Club Vacancies

Are you a motivated, enthusiastic and committed person? Are you passionate about BAFC? The following positions have become vacant in the Club due to a change in personal circumstances:

Chairperson, Vice-­Chairperson, Marketing Officer, Fundraising Coordinator and Meetings Secretary.

There are descriptions of each role below to help you decide if you’d like to get involved. All positions are voluntary and have to be voted in, usually at an Annual General Meeting, but in this instance we will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 10th January 2019 as positions have become vacant mid-­season. It is assumed that positions will be held for a period of 2 years. If you are interested in fulfilling one of the roles, please email for further information. We look forward to you joining our Team!

Chairperson – An independent role to ensure the Club board members acts in the best interests of BAFC. The Chairperson is responsible for arranging and chairing monthly meetings, ensuring the Club follow the constitution, promoting the success of the Club, evaluating current business and setting plans for the future of the Club. The Chairperson acts as the ‘figure-head’ for the Club and as such will be required to address community groups and events such as the Charity Shield, Presentation Evening and Soccer School Presentation Day.

Vice-­Chairperson (VC) – Offers support and guidance to the Chairperson, ensuring the smooth running of the Club. The VC is expected to take on the role of the Chair in his/her absence. The VC is expected to attend monthly committee meetings and also acts as a signatory on Club financial accounts. The VC will support the fundraising and events team.

Marketing Officer – Responsible for official communications for the Club on social media and the Club website, and local press as required. Takes the lead in advertising BAFC successes and events/fundraisers. Offers support to Team Managers regarding communication with parents and assists in advertising strategies for new players as needed. Responsible for branding and promoting the ‘Jaffas Footballing Experience’.

Fundraising Coordinator – Takes the lead in coordinating fundraising events for BAFC. Close working with the Events Organiser. Liaises, and arranges meetings, with Team fundraising leads to promote fundraising events within the Club.

Meetings Secretary – This is a new role created due to the success and expansion of BAFC. The meetings secretary is expected to attend monthly meetings and take minutes that are then circulated to the committee in a timely manner. He/she is also responsible for liaising with the Chairperson prior to each monthly meeting to formulate and circulate the meeting agenda to all committee members along with Board papers (submitted by BAFC Board members before each monthly meeting) and any other relevant documentation.

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